You Can’t Have Her

I know you think you’ve won. You inspired the evil that took what she didn’t offer. Sin is your craft and you are excellent at what you do. You planted the seed, fueled the selfish thoughts until you had someone she trusted convinced to betray her…until someone raped her.

It feels like you’ve won the battle. You seem to be winning many lately. Your downfall, however, it that you too quickly forget Who has already won the war. She’s her Father’s daughter. Her Father has you beaten.

You don’t own her.

She’s already given her heart to Him so, no matter how far down into the darkness you drag her, you can’t take away her light. He gave up His own life to save her from you, from your life’s work. He took the nails to protect her from the sting of death. You may have damaged her, but He is the Healer of all wounds.

You won’t destroy her.

I know it enrages you; I know it eats at you, to know that you’ve ultimately lost. I know you’ll keep trying to use this moment, covered in shame, to take her down. This moment will tempt her to believe your lies. The lie that she’s not worthy of love. The lie that this was somehow her fault. The lie that she deserved this pain. Don’t fool yourself…Even a whisper of His truth can drown out your loudest screams.

You can’t have her.

He watched you fall like lightning from Heaven. Through Him, she has authority over you. (Luke 10:18-19) Though today you’ve left her broken, crushed beneath the weight of it all…He is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. (Psalm 34:18) You will not have the last word in her story…it’s already been written by The One who has claimed forever victory over you.




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